• Water intake is essential, you should consume at least 1 liter of water before scheduled treatment, and drink at least 2 liters a day during the treatment series.
  • Do not eat 2 hours prior to the treatment, and 1 hour after treatment.
  • NO alcohol the day of treatment or for 48 hours afterwards
  • No sunbathing or tanning 1 week before treatment.
  • Retinol creams should be discontinued 2 weeks prior to RF treatment. Retinol based creams thin the skin and can cause heat sensitivity resulting in burns.

You should shower or bathe immediately before coming to your treatment to ensure that you have no lotions or oils on the skin.

During Treatment

I will be manipulating your skin but you will be warm and comfortable. There are products, oils and lotions that will be used during the treatment that may get on your clothes, please make sure you are wearing something you are ok with possibly getting product on. ¬†I can provide spa clothing to wear during the treatment but this does not guarantee you won’t get product on your clothing when you re-dress.

  • Treatments are 60 to 90 minutes long, and are best performed in a series of 8-10 sessions, twice a week for the first 2 treatments and once a week moving forward,¬†depending on area treated. Please note: a minimum of 3 treatments may be required before you begin to see results.
  • Treatment areas are: Stomach, Hips/Butt, Thighs, Upper Arms, Back and Chin.
  • Treatments are focused on only one area per series.
  • Treatments do not hurt, and are FDA approved.
  • Although your treatment is completely painless, you will hear a pitched hum or ringing in your ears. This is completely normal/safe, and should be expected. If you feel that is causing discomfort then please let your therapist know and she will adjust the frequency for you.

Aftercare Advice:

  • Do not eat for 1 hour after treatment
  • Do not drink ANY alcohol for 48hrs after.
  • Do not have a hot shower (warm is alright), spa or sauna 24 hours after treatment.
  • Do brisk exercise for at least 20 minutes after your treatment to stimulate lymph movement.
  • You can return to work or normal activities straight after treatment.
  • Diet: Eating a balanced, healthy diet of lots of greens and fresh fruits is recommended.