Spray Tanning

Full Body $40
Half Body $25
Monthly Package $99
3 pack $99

Before & After Care Regimen

Prep Before

DO  shave, shower and exfoliate either the day before or at least 1 hour before your appointment. Ivory bar soap and a washcloth are best to use (and shave with),  but if you have residue from any sunless product it is recommended to use exfoliators made for sunless sprays 24-48 hours before your appointment first.

DON’T  use any moisturizing soaps or shower gels or exfoliators right before a spray tan.

Most bar soaps, shower gels, body washes, and shaving creams contain moisturizers that will prohibit the solution from properly reaching your skin, so can sugar or salt exfoliators that are suspended in oil. Make sure your skin is clean and clear of products that can inhibit your tan from processing.

Just rinsing off with just water right before your appointment is definitely not good enough.  Have no product on your body when you come to get sprayed.

During Appointment

1. An important part in your experience here is that you are comfortable during your tanning appointment.    Ladies we can provide you with a disposable g-string if you like or your own dark bathing suit or underwear will work fine as well.  Men should wear either boxers or a bathing suit, it can be a speedo style suit, however, I will not spray a male fully nude.

2. Wear loose clothing to your appointment and for the next several hours. I offer different levels of product that allows for anywhere from 1-24 hours before you shower. Typically, the longer you leave it on the darker you will process, but your clothing cannot rub on the fresh spray or it WILL affect the end result. Bras, tight waistbands etc are a no-no. Very loose sundress or similar is what you need.

The biggest killers of spray tans are sports bras, jeans, and socks!

3. Included in the spray solution is an instant bronzer that gives you immediate color applied with the DHA tanning solution- this will rinse off during your next shower. From our experience and from feedback from our customers it washes out of everything we know of with possibly the exception of some lace and wool, so try not to wear your fanciest clothes to the appointment!

After Care

1. To achieve the deepest color, wait the recommended number of hours before your next shower which should be nothing more than a warm water rinse. In the meantime DO NOT SWEAT, GET WET, WORK OUT, ETC.  If you cannot go home and “be a princess” then use common sense. Avoid spraying perfumes and body sprays directly to the skin after.  Avoid exfoliating after a spray tan. Drink with a straw!

Warm water rinse your first shower, pat dry, and use a recommended moisturizer* immediately and liberally.

*Be cautious that your moisturizer does not contain mineral oil, petroleum, or petrolatum as this can take your sunless product off of you!

2. Ladies when shaving your legs after your spray tan shave with the growth of your hair and with a very light touch. I recommend getting waxed the day BEFORE  and you won’t have to shave for a few weeks and best of all, no red bumps at bikini line!!

3. Keep your skin hydrated (once again make sure your moisturizer does not contain mineral oil!) And use your maintenance products in- between spray tans.